We have interviewed Mrs. Miarea from Cambodia.


・Country of origin: Cambodia
・Year of arrival in Japan: 2015
・Status of residence: Nursing Care
・Japanese skill: N2


Why did you come to Japan? What made you decide to come to Japan?

Because I want to study abroad once.

What sparked your interest in becoming a care worker?

In the future I would like to take care of my parents and my grandparents, who I adore.

What kind of impression did you have about Japan?

I think Japan is a beautiful country. 

What makes you feel rewarded and happy about doing care work?

I feel joy when I see facility users smile and laugh.

What are the good points about the nursing care facility you are currently working in?

My colleagues working here all have good communication with each other and they are all friendly. Also, this nursing care facility was newly built so it is a nice, clean environment.

What are the good points about the region you are currently living in?

I am renting a room near the train station which is very convenient for my daily life.

What are the most impressive memories and episodes of your life in Japan?

Most Japanese are good people. Whenever I have any problems, they always help me to solve those problems.

What are your goals and dreams for the future?

While I was living in Japan, I acquired the certificate of Certified Care Worker. Next, I want to get the certificate of Certified Social Worker.

What is your message to those who are thinking of being a care worker in Japan?

Nursing care work is a difficult job, but when we truly practice it this job also has enjoyment too. Moreover, this job is essential for society. For example, even in this Corona virus pandemic, some jobs in the economy are lost but care work is always needed.

Is nursing care a job conducted by a doctor? Who supports the daily lives of elderly people in your country?

In Cambodia people always go to the hospital when they are sick to get care from a doctor. When they recover they return home and if they are elderly their children will take care of them.

What makes you happy about working as a care worker?

The greatest joy in nursing care work is seeing the users smile at us.

Have you ever been praised by a user of the nursing care facility? What kind of words did they use to praise you?

I was sometimes told by elder people that they were happy when they saw me coming to work. Also, I was praised by their families for my hard work and they would say “Thank you for your help”.

What kind of person do you think is suitable to be a care worker?

To be suitable for care work I think you have to be a very patient person and rarely get angry.

What are the qualifications and skills you hope to learn through nursing care jobs?

As I said before, my goal is to receive the certificate of Certified Social Worker.

Why did you choose Japan? What are the differences between your country and Japan?

I chose Japan because it is one of the famous countries of the world. Japan has many differences from my country, such as transportation. Whether the destination is near or far most Japanese people commute by train because it is convenient. But in Cambodia most people commute by cars or motorbikes.

What is the image of Japan in your country?

When discussing Japan in my country the first thing that comes to mind is technology because in Japan it is so advanced.

What do you do on your days off?

I came to Japan with my husband so to relax in my free time I always go for a walk and eat out somewhere with my husband.

Did you understand what staff and users were saying in Japanese when you first came to Japan?

When I first came to Japan I didn’t understand what anybody said to me and I couldn’t reply to them either.

What do you do when you don’t understand what users are talking about in Japanese?

When I don ‘t understand what users are saying I always ask my Japanese friends, teachers or my work colleagues to teach me.

After working as a care worker is there anything from that experience which you find useful to your life?

I think I now have a clear plan for my future. Also, one more thing, my living standard is getting much better than before.

What advice would you give to people in your own country who are thinking about coming to Japan?

When you come to live in Japan you should try to make a lot of friends and on your days off visit many places, take walks, eat and relax.

What is your favorite Japanese food?

I like to eat tempura. I also like Japanese noodles.

Where is your favorite scenic spot in your region in Japan?

It is hard to say which place I like most, but I like places with a lot of flowers. Japan is a country with many flowers and I enjoy taking many flower watching trips.