Myanmar Mar Mar Win&Ei Ei Mon

Myanmar Mar Mar Win&Ei Ei Mon

We interviewed Mar Mar Win and Ei Ei mon, who are from Myammar and live in Toyama prefecture. 

Mar Mar Win
・Country of origin : Myanmar
・Year of arrival in Japan : 2019
・Status of residence : technical intern trainee (ii)
・Japanese skill : N3
Ei Ei Mon
・Country of origin : Myanmar
・Year of arrival in Japan : 2019
・Status of residence : technical intern trainee (ii)
・Japanese skill : N3


Why did you come to Japan? What made you decide to come to Japan?

I decided to come to Japan because it is a safe place and has high levels of technology.

I decided to come to Japan because it is a safe place and has high levels of technology.

What sparked your interest in becoming a care worker?

Taking care of my father and mother was the trigger to become a care worker.

I chose this job because nursing care has many merits in my home country.

What kind of impression did you have about Japan?

I think Japan is a safe place and easy for foreigners to work in.

I think that the Japanese people strictly follow the rules.

How did you study Japanese and care work?

Before coming to Japan, I studied at a Japanese language school in Myanmar. Since coming to Japan I have been studying Japanese language by reading nursing care texts and by asking senior staff in the workplace when I have questions.

To study Japanese language and nursing care service, I used YouTube, internet contents, and books.

What makes you feel rewarded and happy about doing care work?

Nursing care services related to bathing are my favorite.

I love to talk to elderly people in our nursing care facility.

What are the good points about the nursing care facility you are currently working in?

Our apartment is close to the nursing care facility, and I love that.

Everything is fine at this nursing care facility.

What are the good points about the region you are currently living in?

I can easily purchase what I want and it is fresh.

I think transportation and buying food are easy to do because our apartment is near to the supermarket, department store, and railway station.

What are the most impressive memories and episodes of your life in Japan?

Seeing snow was the most impressive episode. I had never seen snow in Myanmar. The first snow in Japan was a sweet memory in my life.

What are your goals and dreams for the future?

I would like to get the qualification of Certified Care Worker.

My dream is to be a Japanese teacher, as my parents are teachers.

What is your message to those who are thinking of being a care worker in Japan?

I recommend that you to come to Japan because it is a safe place to live and has high levels of technology. Also, you can buy fresh products and anything you need at the shopping malls in Japan.

I would advise other people to chose this nursing care job because you can learn the techniques about nursing care which you can use in our home country.

What makes you happy about working as a care worker?

I felt happy when I heard the elderly people at the nursing care facility say “Thank you, thank you”.

I am very happy when elderly people in our facility treat and talk to us the same way they would to Japanese even though we are foreigners.

What kind of topics do you talk about if you have a chance to communicate with user’s families?

When I talk to the families of elderly people in our facility I talk about my home country of Myanmar.

I used to talk to the elderly people in the facility about my country, and also about myself.

Have you ever been praised by a user of the nursing care facility? What kind of words did they use to praise you?”

Yes, I was told by some people at the facility that my work had improved.

I was praised for my good Japanese language skills, even though I am a foreigner.

What do you talk about with elderly users?

I usually talk about fun things and funny stories.

There are many things to talk about, especially regarding our home country and my job.

What was the first thing you learned at the nursing care facility that you found to be useful for your life?

I realized that eating nutritious foods, getting good sleep, taking medicine regularly, and so on are effective.

After providing nursing care services to elderly people, I learned that taking a hot tub bath everyday is good for physical health and also good for your entire life.

Did you have any difficulties communicating with the Japanese staff at the nursing care facility?

Yes. I had difficulty because the Japanese language that I learned in Myanmar was standard Japanese, but in the real workplace most of the people were speaking in the local dialect.

Yes. There were some difficulties. Although the Japanese language that I learned in Myanmar was standard Japanese, Japanese staff at my facility used a local dialect that I did not understand. Because of this, I faced communication difficulties.

What kind of person do you think is suitable to be a care worker?

I think kind people are suitable for nursing care work.

I think people who love elderly people.

Why did you choose nursing care as opposed to other jobs?

I think it is because I like to take care of elderly people.

Because I wanted to learn nursing care techniques and use them in my home country.

Did you understand what staff and users were saying in Japanese when you first came to Japan?

Although I understood what the elderly people were saying, it was difficult for me to respond.

I can understand them if they use standard Japanese, however if they use a local dialect it is difficult for me to understand.

What do you do when you don’t understand what users are talking about in Japanese?

When I do not understand words spoken by elderly people at the facility, I ask the supervisor who is working with me.

I ask again if I do not understand.

How much have you improved your Japanese language skills since you came to Japan?

I think it has improved a lot.

When I first arrived in Japan, my Japanese skill was not so good. Now, I can use Japanese like a native speaker.

How do you study Japanese?

I study Japanese language by reading books, using a dictionary to learn Kanji, and asking senior Japanese staff about words I do not know.

To study Japanese I use the internet to listen to Japanese teachers’ explanations. Also, I study with text books.

What do you do on your days off?

I spend my days off studying and shopping.

I study at home and sometimes go out.

What is your favorite Japanese food?

I really like “Takoyaki”. It is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made from wheat flour and some octopus in the middle.

I love curry called “Curry Rice” in Japan which tastes and looks like bean curry in Myanmar.

Where is your favorite scenic spot in your region in Japan?

I like the sea of Japan where the water is clear and blue. The waves are strong and flowing, so it is very beautiful and makes me feel refreshed.

I love the place called “Otogi no mori” where I can enjoy beautiful flowers. “Otogi no mori” is about a 10 minute bike ride from our apartment.

What advice would you give to people in your own country who are thinking about coming to Japan?

Japan is a safe country to live in, has high technical knowledge about nursing care services, and you can buy fresh and good quality products whenever you want so I suggest that you come to Japan.

Myanmar people try to do good deeds everyday to obtain blessings. Nursing care service is a job with plenty of deeds, so I advise you to come to Japan and work at this job. In addition, you can support your family by working in Japan, which makes you feel happier. With all these benefits I advise you to choose this job.