We have interviewed Mr. Dio from Indonesia.


・ Country of origin : Indonesia
・ Year of arrival in Japan : October 2016
・ Status of residence : Specified Skilled Worker (Ⅰ)
・ Japanese ability : N2


Why did you come to Japan? What made you decide to come to Japan?

As a child I enjoyed anime and I also dreamed of studying abroad.

What sparked your interest in becoming a care worker?

I look at my mother and I think I of things I can learn from this job for myself and also about how to care of her in the future.

What kind of impression did you have about Japan?

Japan is very beautiful, has nice scenery, there are many cultural events and festivals with food. It is a really interesting place.

How did you study Japanese and care work?

I learned Japanese at Japanese language schools and from watching anime. For care work I learned it while working here.

What makes you feel rewarded and happy about doing care work?

I met many elderly people and I learned a lot by talking to them which inspired me to work hard while I am young.

What are the good points about the nursing care facility you are currently working in?

The staff here are nice to me, the workplace is clean, and most of all this is a very safe place to be.

What are the good points about the region you are currently living in?

Here in Okinawa there are many site seeing spots for tourists, especially the beautiful beaches.

What are the most impressive memories and episodes of your life in Japan?

When I first came to Japan I was not able to speak Japanese well so I often used body gestures to communicate. Now I laugh when I remember back to those times.

What are your goals and dreams for the future?

As time passes your dreams change. But for now, I just want to pass the national examination to be a certified care worker.

What is your message to those who are thinking of being a care worker in Japan

Every job is difficult in the beginning. But if you want to learn useful skills for the future from your job I think care work for the elderly is the best job for that.

What makes you happy about working as a care worker?

What pleased me most is that I learned to appreciate my life more and now I try to be more cautious about what I do.

Have you ever been praised by a user of the nursing care facility? What kind of words did they use to praise you?

“Your Japanese is really good!”, “You do such good work”, “Don’t give up!”, for example.

What do you talk about with elderly users?

We talk about all kinds of things like our hobbies, families, and even trivial things.

What was the first thing you learned at the nursing care facility that you found to be useful for your life?

Not so useful to my life right now but in the future I might need to take care of my parents when they get older and when that happens I will be so thankful for what I learned from this job.

Did you find any nursing care work to be difficult?

At the beginning it was difficult for me because it was the first time to ever do this work. But as time went on it became easier.

What kind of person do you think is suitable to be a care worker?

People who appreciate other people.

Why did you choose nursing care as opposed to other jobs?

This year because of Corona, I thought that the most stable work available in Japan would be care work.

What are some ideas and tips for improving Japanese language skills quickly?

I learned to speak Japanese fluently quite quickly because of my passion for anime. I often wrote down the words from anime in my notebook and memorized them.

After working as a care worker is there anything from that experience which you find useful to your life?

I learned that I must learn to manage my own life and appreciate this life.

What advice would you give to people in your own country who are thinking about coming to Japan?

I would encourage them to enjoy their time in Japan, try many things they have never tried before, challenge eating new food, observe things that are new to you. If you do this you will surely enjoy your time in Japan.

What is your favorite Japanese food?

Sushi and Sashimi.

Where is your favorite scenic spot in Okinawa?

My favorite scenic spot in Okinawa is Manzamo. I love natural scenery and when I am there I feel so grateful to be there.