Appeal of Japan

Japan’s Remote Cities

Many people may be gathering information about Japan through TV, magazines and websites. Japan is a long island nation that stretches from north to south. The big cities like Tokyo and Osaka are well known, but there are some amazing cities and sightseeing spots in rural areas as well. Also, since Japan’s cities are surrounded …

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Enjoy Japanese Food

When it comes to Japanese food, a lot of people probably think of sushi, ramen, or tempura. You might also wonder, “Is there only Japanese food in Japan?” In addition, those who cannot eat certain things due to allergies or religion may also have concerns about their diet in Japan. Through surveys and interviews, we …

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Tips for Living in Japan

When you decide to go work in Japan as a care worker, you will probably be busy studying and preparing to enter the workforce. At the same time, you will also need to collect information about living in Japan. Things may differ depending on which city you work in, but here are some tips for …

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